Care & Cleaning


Glass is by nature a fragile material and should be handled gently.  Although all pieces in the collection have been kilnformed and annealed, rendering them more durable, they will break if dropped on a hard surface or encounter a shock.  I will happily repair your jewelry should it break, free of charge up to one year after the date of purchase.  I just ask that you pay the shipping fees.

Do not expose your jewelry to cosmetics, perfume or cleaning products.  These items can cause staining or erosion of the gold plating.  Take off  jewelry before showering, swimming, exercising or sleeping.

Ring Dishes and Bottles are not for use in conventional or microwave ovens.  Avoid thermal shock.  I do not repair broken ring dishes or bottles.



Gently wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth after wearing to remove any dirt or body oil.  The sterling silver components will oxidize with time, simply use a sterling silver polishing cloth to remove.  NEVER use polishing cloths on gold plated silver, it will take the finish off.  Store your jewelry in an airtight container or bag to prevent oxidation and keep it looking like new.

Ring Dishes and Bottle Serving Trays are not dishwasher safe.  Handwash only using a soft sponge, dish soap and tepid water.  I do not repair broken ring dishes or bottles.